Live setup

Trapped in a loop is a two person band (Magdalena & Richard) with song, trombone, electric guitar, samples, live-looping and drum-machine.

We need from you

  • PA + mixer with at least 6 channels
  • 1 stereo line box
  • Guitar amp with effect-loop: preferably a valve amp with ”vox/fender”. Good clean sound is important.
  • Bass amp – line directly to the PA is also possible
  • 2 monitor speakers if the venue is big
  • 1 mic stand
  • 1 keyboard stand
  • One stage table for electronics

For soundcheck and set up, we need at least 60 min (30 min to set up and 30 min soundcheck).

Magdalena’s setup

She brings:
mixer (on stage)
Instruments I use: (loop & effect pedals, computer, Trombone, megafone, guitar, micro korg,)

Everything will go through Magdalena’s mixer to my sample pedal and then out to the venues main-mixer (except the computer that has a stereo out directly to main-mixer)

Since Magdalena uses live sampling from a microphone it is important for her to stand BEHIND the PA otherwise it will be feedback after only a couple of loops.

Richard’s setup

Electric guitar
Loop and effect pedals connected to guitar and bass amp
Computer with sampler and drum machine
Mixer with 2 balanced xlr outputs (can be converted to trs tele outputs also)
The guitar amp should be mic’ed up to the PA so that the guitar sound has the same distribution and level as the rest of the mix. Also so that Magdalena can have the guitar in her monitor speaker.

To be aware of

Trapped in a loop uses megaphone and trombone that are pretty loud in them self so the rest of volume needs to be set after that. That meens that it can be hard for them to play in a venue that have problems with neighbours and wants to keep the volume down too much.

Hospitality rider

Three people (Trapped in a loop + tour manager) that need a place to sleep where there are no cats since because of allergy.
+ dinner for three people, 1 person do not eat meat but fish or veg. is ok.